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The Cost of The Useless Meetings

Wheter you are a freelancer, a CEO or an entry-level employee, you are almost certainly familiar with the business meeting. How much the unproductive meetings costing?

Benefits Of Working From Home

It’s a no brainer – working from home is one of the best perks, ever! But what exactly are the perks , and how do they benefit the world?

The Richest People in The U.S.

How they became rich? Was it easy? Where did they start? From this infographics you can get the answers and you can see which state has the richest person in the U.S.

How To Be Freelancer?

Freelancing is becoming a more widespread and feasible option for workers – a trend that spans across geographies, market verticals and job roles. We have entered a new era of work and here’s what it holds for us.

What Is The Top 10 University in the USA?

Everybody knows from the American movies that how hard and expensive to study in the best American universities. I think the best university in the U.S. is the Harvard, but is it true? From this infographic you can find out.

How AI is Making Us Superhuman?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the modern office.  This doesn’t mean that robots will come and take our jobs any time soon. Rather, workplace AI is actually making us smarter and faster.

10 Billionaire Who Restarted The Business

Did you know that Bill Gates was banned from school for hacking and they dropped out of Harvard? Did you know that Elon Musk got fired as the CEO of PayPal when he was on vacation? For more surprising information… Continue Reading →

The Top 10 U.S. Import and Export Products

What do you think which product has the biggest import and export in the U.S.? How much value it has? How it comes and goes?

Health Issues on Workplace

With the increasing demans of business to deliver results, it is no wonder that employees are bearing the burden of stressful work environments. Check out this post for more information.

45 Car of The World Leaders

Do you wonder what type of car does Putin use? Now you can compare the leader’s cars with photos and about leader positions. What do you think who has the best car who has the most expensive car? Which car would… Continue Reading →

2018 The World’s Most Valuable Brands by Country

Here are the world’s most valuable brands of 2018. The USA brands lead the list as it expected with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, AT&T, and McDonald’s. The only non-USA brand comes from China’s Tencent. On the other side most valuable… Continue Reading →

8 Things That Are More Important For Success Than Intelligence

We are often led to believe that the only way to succeed is to be blessed with an exceptional IQ. Yet findings suggest that emotional intelligence is actually a greater indication for success than intellect.

Handshake Guide

The handshake is a method of greeting which dates as far back as the 5th century BC. Customs surrounding handshakes are specific to countries and cultures. Different cultures may be more or less likely to shake hands, or there may… Continue Reading →

The Average Rent Gets You Across The U.S.

If you think your apartment is the size of a closet, raise your hand. Software company AppFolio visualized 13 possible apartments in different cities, all correlating with that same price tag. And in case you were probably wondering, it also… Continue Reading →

Lifecycle Of A Digital Customer

In the age of digital marketing the traditional sales funnel of “Awareness”, “Lead”, “Prospect” and “Sale” fails to capture the intricacies of today’s advertising efforts. We’ve reimagined the sales funnel to provide a visual guide of the new consumer journey.

Portland Vs Seattle

In this infographic you can find many statistics about Seattle and Portland, like how is the population. When did they found? How many coffee shops they have?

The Habits Of Highly Successful Millennials

Pew Research Center describes millennials as confident, connected and open to change. So why are they getting so much grief from other generations? The millennial population is 83.1 million- the largest cohort size in history! But who are they?

Attractive Resumes Never Seen Before

It would be more interesting to look at the resume that the artist would have prepared with the passion he has on his career. When you look at such resumes you would get motivated and would definitely plan a better… Continue Reading →

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