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How To Fold A Suit In 6 Steps

Even though most suits are hung up when they aren’t being worn, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of necessary hanging space. For those times when you need to keep your suit contained and wrinkle free, consider folding your suit… Continue Reading →

Home Improvement Trends In The Us State By State

Homeowners all over the country enjoy making upgrades to their homes, but many people’s home improvement priorities are different. Here’s a look at remodeling preferences from state to state based on Google Trends and HomeAdvisor data.

How to Choose The Perfect Watch

In the day and age of cellphones, watches have become more of an accessory than a necessity. Yes, we can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days when a watch said everything you needed to know… Continue Reading →

20 Ways To Reward Your Employees Without Spending A Dime

Find out what truly motivates employees! Rewarding your employees doesn’t have to cost any money. Officevibe gives you suggestions to recognize your employees better and improve employee engagement in your office through employee pulse surveys.

Can Expand Company Abroad

As the UK’s economy goes from strength to strength, many businesses are feeling optimistic about investing in overseas expansion.

3 Ways Car Can Drive

Cars of the near future are putting the ‘auto’ in automobile. Automatic parking assist- Not confident of that tight looking parallel park? Ford drivers need worry no more.  

Small Business Trust In Web And Technology Companies

Built from contributed ratings and reviews of more than 6,000 small business owners across 7,000 communities in North America, helping hundreds of thousands of their peers on Alignable to make more informed buying decisions.

Londons Expected House Price Gain

London’s Expected House Price Gain from Freehold Sale looks at the dramatic price increases expected in the London, UK, housing market.

Office Design Wars Which Style Is Truly The Best

Did you think that 60% of UK workers are happy in their jobs? 53% of employees said they waste time because they believe short breaks actually increase productivity. For more interesting statistics read below.

7 Things Have Defined Successful Brands

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