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Common Types of Self Harm

Self-injury is a serious issue among teens and a possible sign of underlying mental illness. Let’s take a look at this dangerous behavior and its causes.

10 Herbs that Heal Guide

Studies show that even short- term use of antibiotics can disrupt the body’s natural gut flora. This can lead to antibiotic resistance. Natural antibiotics, found in our foods, have been around for centuries.

Why Pets Make Us Happier

How pets affect our emotional well-being? Psychologists at Miami University have found that people who own pets are more conscientious, more social, healthier relationship styles and better self-esteem. Do you have pets? If you don’t have pets, after this infographic… Continue Reading →

Portland Vs Seattle

In this infographic you can find many statistics about Seattle and Portland, like how is the population. When did they found? How many coffee shops they have?

How Do You Spot A Vegan

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. 400 vegans were asked about how vocal they are. 57% tell you they’re vegan when it’s relevant to the situation. 91.9% of vegans do not tell you they’re vegan unless they have a reason to… Continue Reading →

Keep Reading Folks

Did you know readers have better physical health, empathy and mental health?

Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet

Did you know radishes draws leaf-miners away from spinach to chew on radish leaves – which doesn’t harm the radish underground. For more interesting tip read below the infographic.

The Psychology Of Color

Every color has own meaning if you know their meanings you can use them for make your life better and happier. This guide show how should you use the colors.

Back Pain Exercises

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45, resulting in 200 million days spent in bed per year.

What Happens To Your Body After Your Last Cigarette

Here’s what happens to your body after your last cigarette:

Why Proper Hydration Is Important

Did you know that drinking cold water can speed your metabolism and burn calories. The effects of elevated metabolism begin about 10 minutes after consuming the water and peak at 30-40 minutes after drinking?

37 Fictional Drugs Substances

Law firm Jim Adler & Associates has created an interesting infographic illustrating 37 different types of drugs and substances used in the imaginary worlds.

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