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How a Bad Review Effects to The Business?

A single bad review can spread like wildfire, instantly changing and damaging the way that clients see your brand. Here is how.

How to Start Food Truck Business?

Have you thought before you would like run a food truck? In this infographics you can read the costs and the tips how to start it.

How to Choose Wedding Dress?

Choose the best wedding dress for your body shape, if you realise which body type you have then you can easily find the ideal dress.

Urban and Rural America and their Guns

Whether for hunting, sport shooting or personal protection, most gun owners count the right to bear arms as central to their freedom. Large demographic shifts are reshaping America.

How to Avoid Crypto Scams?

Fake wallet scams used to rob the funds sent to the addresses. This can happen in both web-wallet and mobile app wallets downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store. Facebook groups and Twitter accounts with misleading information about giveaways and… Continue Reading →

Statistics about the World Cup in 2018

Which team was the dominant in the 2018 Football World Cup? Check out the statistics!

60 Digital Marketing Tools

Do you know Dropbox? It keeps your documents and you can share with this. Do you know Prezi? You can create attractive presentations. For further tips check this infographics.

The Ultimate E-Commerce Website Design Checklist

If you follow this checklist step by step your website will be up to date and professional. This 30 tip will help you to have a succcessful website.

How Medical Marijuana Affect Your Body?


When People Leave the Parental House in Europe?

What time did you leave your family? What do you think what is the ideal age for this?

TOP 5 Marvel Movies Ranked by Their Worldwide Gross

What do you think which are the best Marvel movies? What is your favourite one? Let’s check is it in the TOP 5!

How Colors Can Boost Your Website?

Applying color psychology is one of the most powerful methods to appeal to customer attention, trigger their purchase behavior and ultimately drive more sales. Realizing how important colors are in every visual presentation of your business can help you increase… Continue Reading →

Sales Of The Dark Web

Value of a sample of sales on Silk Road 2, Evolution and Agora. The biggest sales income comes from illegal drugs.

Why Brands Are Using Instagram Stories?

What do you think which brand is the most successful on instagram? Which industry is the most active on instagram? What type of instagram stories are your favourite?

The 16 Biggest Fake SEO Myths

As many people in the SEO industry would attest, search engine optimization is a veritable minefield. What you may be doing right today may be something that could get penalized by Google tomorrow.

25 Location What You Have To Visit If You Are TV Fan

Are addicted to series? This infographic was made for you! You can find all your favourite series and their british isles. Now you should just pack your suitcase and visit them! Have a nice trip!

Which State Is The Best In Sport?

With the variation of state winners in the Big Four Leagues across the USA, how do you decide which state is the biggest sporting winner overall? We’ve researched every state’s victory over the decades to help you hedge your bets… Continue Reading →

The Cost of The Useless Meetings

Wheter you are a freelancer, a CEO or an entry-level employee, you are almost certainly familiar with the business meeting. How much the unproductive meetings costing?

GOT Familie’s Banners Meanings

Do you think you know everything about the GOT? I’m sure still you can read new informations from this infographic.

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