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Journey Of A Medical Tourist

We thought you would like to discover a medical tourist’s journey to treatment. See this infographic from DHCC. Did you know? As of 2013, a million patients have visited Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) and an estimated 15% of current patients… Continue Reading →

What Your Poop And Pee Are Telling You About Your Body

We poop and pee every day (or almost every day for poop) so they seem like everyday activities not worth examining, but did you know that your poop and pee can provide useful insights to your health? Here’s a useful… Continue Reading →

8 Things That Are More Important For Success Than Intelligence

We are often led to believe that the only way to succeed is to be blessed with an exceptional IQ. Yet findings suggest that emotional intelligence is actually a greater indication for success than intellect.

How Old the National Flags

This timeline is based on the date in which each nation adopted their current national flag and is sorted by a 20 year interval. As you can see only four of the current national flags are dated before the 19th… Continue Reading →

The Internet By Nationality

This heat map shows us what percentage of a country’s total population is on the Internet. Hotter colors indicate that a large percentage of that country’s population is on the ‘Net. Cooler colors indicate the opposite. How many internet users… Continue Reading →

25 Most Expensive Dishes And Drinks From Around The World

The world’s most expensive ice cream sundae: three twins ice cream. Ice cream churned from glacial ice from Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peak by the company founder. Includes airfare to Tanzania, first-class accommodations, and a guided climb.

How Many Device Will Connected to the Internet in the Future

The internet of things is going to be huge, much bigger than the internet as you know it today. And it’s going to change your life. Guess how many mobile phones connected to the internet.

Handshake Guide

The handshake is a method of greeting which dates as far back as the 5th century BC. Customs surrounding handshakes are specific to countries and cultures. Different cultures may be more or less likely to shake hands, or there may… Continue Reading →

Average Tuition Educational Attainment in the United States

The fifty states are ranked from lowest to highest, based n average in-state tuition and fees for one year of full-time study at public four-year institutions for 2015-2016. Heat map is based on five-year percentage change in inflation-adjusted tuition and… Continue Reading →

Advantages of Coloring Books

The adult coloring book craze that started at the beginning of 2015 shows no signs of slowing down. Coloring books are a phenomenon that is taking the publishing world by storm. More than a passing fad, coloring helps people to… Continue Reading →

Flint Michigan – Water Crisis Timeline

Switching water sources in Flint resulted in toxic levels of lead and other contaminants, causing a public health crisis.

10 Herbs that Heal Guide

Studies show that even short- term use of antibiotics can disrupt the body’s natural gut flora. This can lead to antibiotic resistance. Natural antibiotics, found in our foods, have been around for centuries.

How To Learn Faster

So much to learn, so little time. Luckily, there are lots of techniques you can use to accelerate your learning and get much better, must faster. Check out this post for the tricks.  

Common Types of Self Harm

Self-injury is a serious issue among teens and a possible sign of underlying mental illness. Let’s take a look at this dangerous behavior and its causes.

Dawn Justice Characters in Nutshell

Quick breakdown of the members of the justice league appearing in Zack Snyder’s 2016 film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Alcohol Obesity And Cancer Risk

Prevention is a priority in the fight against cancers, especially nutritional prevention.

21 Words To Describe Nature From Cultures Around The World

Nature has sparked wonder and veneration within us from the dawn of time – so naturally, there are many words from cultures around the world to describe every captivating facet of it. This infographic offers a vibrant, refreshing tour of… Continue Reading →

Portland Vs Seattle

In this infographic you can find many statistics about Seattle and Portland, like how is the population. When did they found? How many coffee shops they have?

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