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Lifecycle Of A Digital Customer

In the age of digital marketing the traditional sales funnel of “Awareness”, “Lead”, “Prospect” and “Sale” fails to capture the intricacies of today’s advertising efforts. We’ve reimagined the sales funnel to provide a visual guide of the new consumer journey.

The Average Rent Gets You Across The U.S.

If you think your apartment is the size of a closet, raise your hand. Software company AppFolio visualized 13 possible apartments in different cities, all correlating with that same price tag. And in case you were probably wondering, it also… Continue Reading →

15 Weirdest Medical Billing Codes in the U.S.

If you see one of these codes on a bill from your provider, you will know something strange happened. Here are the top 15 weirdest medical billing codes, as well as some information on medical coding jobs in the U.S.

WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com

If you ever plan to build a or Let’s compare them side-to-side to find the perfect match for you.

Why Pets Make Us Happier

How pets affect our emotional well-being? Psychologists at Miami University have found that people who own pets are more conscientious, more social, healthier relationship styles and better self-esteem. Do you have pets? If you don’t have pets, after this infographic… Continue Reading →

Budget Saver Travel Ideas 6 Expensive City

Here you can find money saver tips like, what you shouldn’t do in the city and what you can do instead of.

The Ultimate Headphone Chart

Headphones have come a long way since their invention in the early 1900’s. They now exist as several distinct types or styles to satisfy people’s different listening needs.

Countries Biggest Cat Obsession World

Overall cat population and cats 1000 people. Does your country have the biggest population?

The Habits Of Highly Successful Millennials

Pew Research Center describes millennials as confident, connected and open to change. So why are they getting so much grief from other generations? The millennial population is 83.1 million- the largest cohort size in history! But who are they?

How Do You Spot A Vegan

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. 400 vegans were asked about how vocal they are. 57% tell you they’re vegan when it’s relevant to the situation. 91.9% of vegans do not tell you they’re vegan unless they have a reason to… Continue Reading →

Keep Reading Folks

Did you know readers have better physical health, empathy and mental health?

Attractive Resumes Never Seen Before

It would be more interesting to look at the resume that the artist would have prepared with the passion he has on his career. When you look at such resumes you would get motivated and would definitely plan a better… Continue Reading →

How To Fold A Suit In 6 Steps

Even though most suits are hung up when they aren’t being worn, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of necessary hanging space. For those times when you need to keep your suit contained and wrinkle free, consider folding your suit… Continue Reading →

Buy It For Life Bifl

Do you know what BIFL means? In this infographic you can learn and there are many useful info about products and shopping. While often well-made products cost more than their lesser-quality cousins, this is not always the case. There are… Continue Reading →

Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet

Did you know radishes draws leaf-miners away from spinach to chew on radish leaves – which doesn’t harm the radish underground. For more interesting tip read below the infographic.

Power Hungry The Rise Fall Of Electricity Consumption

Power Hungry is an infographic timeline showing the dramatic rise in energy consumption for average American homes and the recent change to a decline from energy efficient technologies and home automation. From The Home Depot and published on Inhabitat.

How to Choose The Perfect Watch

In the day and age of cellphones, watches have become more of an accessory than a necessity. Yes, we can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days when a watch said everything you needed to know… Continue Reading →

Home Improvement Trends In The Us State By State

Homeowners all over the country enjoy making upgrades to their homes, but many people’s home improvement priorities are different. Here’s a look at remodeling preferences from state to state based on Google Trends and HomeAdvisor data.

30 False Myths Know

Everybody thinks, bananas grow on tree, but it is not true. In this infographic you can read many myths what you should not believe anymore.

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