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How To Be More Confident?

We all struggle with confidence at times, but it’s key to making a good impression. Luckily, it’s a skill that can be learned – and a few small changes can make a big difference. We’ve put together 10 easy tips… Continue Reading →

What Happened with the Columbia Space Shuttle?

Columbia was NASA’s first operational space shuttle, launched on the STS-1 test flight on April 12, 1981. A veteran of 27 successful missions, Columbia disintegrated on Feb. 1 , 2003, killing all seven astronauts. Above, left: astronauts Kalpana Chawla and… Continue Reading →

How To Become Confident Person?

We all have two life -the life we live and the life we want. But anxiety and self-doubt can prevent us from realizing our potential and leading happier and fulfilling lives. Here is how to start. 1.Lead with your strengths 2…. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Beard Chart – 42 style

Do you like beard? Which one is your favourite?

Which Professions Do The Least Sleep?

Do you sleep enough time? What would you do if you could just sleep as much as the firefighting workers?

How Does The Artificial Intelligence Work?

Did you know that 84% of the people have used AI in the last year? What do you think how many poeple didn’t realise that they interacted with an AI? The answer is 50%. For more interesting information check out… Continue Reading →

Stephen Hawking’s Resume

Check out Stephen Hawking’s amazing resume! Still there are things what we didn’t know about him.

When People Leave the Parental House in Europe?

What time did you leave your family? What do you think what is the ideal age for this?

Which State Is The Best In Sport?

With the variation of state winners in the Big Four Leagues across the USA, how do you decide which state is the biggest sporting winner overall? We’ve researched every state’s victory over the decades to help you hedge your bets… Continue Reading →

Benefits Of Working From Home

It’s a no brainer – working from home is one of the best perks, ever! But what exactly are the perks , and how do they benefit the world?

The Transformation Of Black Panther

Black Panther debuted 52 years ago in Fantastic Four #52. Also known as T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, he became the world’s first black superhero. Below we track every major change to his core uniform, not counting special one-off suits… Continue Reading →

Do You Suffer From FOMO?

Do you know what is FOMO? Fear of missing out. Anxiety that an exciting or interesting social event may be happening elsewhere, often caused by viewing posts on social media.

The Richest People in The U.S.

How they became rich? Was it easy? Where did they start? From this infographics you can get the answers and you can see which state has the richest person in the U.S.

How AI is Making Us Superhuman?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the modern office.  This doesn’t mean that robots will come and take our jobs any time soon. Rather, workplace AI is actually making us smarter and faster.

10 Billionaire Who Restarted The Business

Did you know that Bill Gates was banned from school for hacking and they dropped out of Harvard? Did you know that Elon Musk got fired as the CEO of PayPal when he was on vacation? For more surprising information… Continue Reading →

Statistics of American Fathers

Eight surveyed over 1000 men and women to study how parenting affects sleep. Their responses were analyzed in conjuction with sleep data collected from Eight’s sleep tracker and smart mattress.

7 – I.T. Position What You Didn’t Know

Do you know what a software specialist does? Who is the technical writer? If you read this infographics you will know what are these jobs exactly.

45 Car of The World Leaders

Do you wonder what type of car does Putin use? Now you can compare the leader’s cars with photos and about leader positions. What do you think who has the best car who has the most expensive car? Which car would… Continue Reading →

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