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Which Hiking Footwear You Should Buy?

HIKING FOOTWEAR TYPES PROS AND CONS HIKING SANDALS PROS – enhanced breathability – barefoot-like experience; you can feel the terrain better – river crossings are easier – dry faster than other types of footwear CONS – uncomfortable for hiking in… Continue Reading →

33 Types of Pizza

Everybody likes pizza! Do you know all types of it? I’m sure you didn’t hear about Boscaiola pizza. Let’s have a look at for this pizza guide!

How Identity verification Supports Travel Fraud Prevention?

How IDENTITY VERIFICATION & DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATION Supports Travel PREVENTION? A Traveler’s Vacation Cycle I SECURING THE PROCESS Shufti Pro provides solutions that are not restricted to one particular use-case but rather complement a wider level adoption, across multiple and usually… Continue Reading →

TOP 10 Sights in Sri Lanka

Sri lanka is beautiful in this infographic you can see why. Back your suitcase and go.

House Styles Around The World

In this infographic you can see the traditional house styles around the world. Which style is your favourite?

25 Location What You Have To Visit If You Are TV Fan

Are addicted to series? This infographic was made for you! You can find all your favourite series and their british isles. Now you should just pack your suitcase and visit them! Have a nice trip!

How To Be Freelancer?

Freelancing is becoming a more widespread and feasible option for workers – a trend that spans across geographies, market verticals and job roles. We have entered a new era of work and here’s what it holds for us.

25 Most Expensive Dishes And Drinks From Around The World

The world’s most expensive ice cream sundae: three twins ice cream. Ice cream churned from glacial ice from Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peak by the company founder. Includes airfare to Tanzania, first-class accommodations, and a guided climb.

How Old the National Flags

This timeline is based on the date in which each nation adopted their current national flag and is sorted by a 20 year interval. As you can see only four of the current national flags are dated before the 19th… Continue Reading →

Journey Of A Medical Tourist

We thought you would like to discover a medical tourist’s journey to treatment. See this infographic from DHCC. Did you know? As of 2013, a million patients have visited Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) and an estimated 15% of current patients… Continue Reading →

14 Amazing Cruise Ship From Ozcruising

Were you thinking about you would like to run away with your love to a cruise ship? Now you can take a look for 14 ship. Every ship has own speciality. What would you like to do? Do you like… Continue Reading →

21 Words To Describe Nature From Cultures Around The World

Nature has sparked wonder and veneration within us from the dawn of time – so naturally, there are many words from cultures around the world to describe every captivating facet of it. This infographic offers a vibrant, refreshing tour of… Continue Reading →

Budget Saver Travel Ideas 6 Expensive City

Here you can find money saver tips like, what you shouldn’t do in the city and what you can do instead of.

50 Sweets Taste Around World

Every country has own sugar or candy, here you can find the special sweets with the country name where you can taste. What is your favourite and how many did you try?  

The Account Balance Of 195 Countries Around The World

Current account balance compares a country’s net trade in goods and services, plus net earnings, and net transfer payments to and from the rest of the world during the period specified on These figures are calculated on an exchange… Continue Reading →

Save Money Travelling London Kids

London is an amazing city to visit but it can be expensive and very busy. Learn how to make a trip to London as stress free as possible with the kids and have fun, fun, fun!

Which Are The Most Expensive Buildings

Guess what is the most expensive building on the world? In this infographic you can find the costs of the buildings all around the world.

Living in Van Step by Step Guide

If you bored to living in house here is an amazing idea how you can change your lifestyle and living in your van. In this guide you can see step by step the process.

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