2018 The World’s Most Valuable Brands by Country

Here are the world’s most valuable brands of 2018. The USA brands lead the list as it expected with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, AT&T, and McDonald’s. The only non-USA brand comes from China’s Tencent.

On the other side most valuable countries by it’s brand popularity:

  1. United States $150.8B
  2. South Korea $92.3B
  3. China $59.2B
  4. Germany $43.9B
  5. Japan $43.7
  6. Netherlands $39.4B
  7. Sweden $24.4B
  8. France $22.2B
  9. United Kingdom $19.6B
  10. Switzerland $19.4B

According to the list most powerful brands lead the list by the industry: technology, telecommunication, oil, food, textile, and automative.

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