How To Be More Confident?

We all struggle with confidence at times, but it’s key to making a good impression. Luckily, it’s a skill that can be learned – and a few small changes can make a big difference. We’ve put together 10 easy tips you can use to immediately make yourself appear more confident.
Keep your hands visible

Don’t: Put your hands in your pockets.
Do: Use your han s to make gestu es with Me p Iing upwards.
Why: Hiding your hands suggests uncertainty or nerves, while keeping them open conveys honesty and poise.’

Do: Keep natural, unawkward eye contact by alternating your gme between the eyes and mouth.
Why: Strong eye contact is the greatest indicator of confidence, according to Lillian Glass, author of The Body Language Advantage.,
End phrases on a falling tone

Do: Create a vocal full stop by dropping your voice at the e. of the sentence.
Why: Communications expert Dr. Laura Sicola says bpspeaking’ makes you seem unsure, so saying every point like you mean it helps you assert yourself and adds finality,
Project your voice

Do: Breathe from the ID Don’t: Mumble or shout. diaphragm and airn for slight Y above your normal speaking evel.
Why: Projecting your voice lets you be clear, without coming off as abrasive. Breathing from the diaphragm rather than exerting the vocal cords helps you keep it up long-term.’
Pose questions

Don’t: Zone out while focumng o your self-consciousness.
Do: Ask insightful questions to show you’re engaged a. keep conversation flowing
Why: Body language expert Lillian Glass notes the importance of being interested, not interesting, and focusing on the message being communicated rather than yourself.’

Do: slow to what feels like a snail s pace which will sound normal everyone else
Why: Weal coach Matt Farnsworth says that we rush when we’re nervous, and speaking slowly helps out out filler (like ‘um’) and gets your point across more eaSilyk
Stand up straight

Why: Good posture lets your lungs fully fill with on lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and projecting confidence and authority.’
Stay away from filler phrases

Don’t: Use words like Om’,
Do: Make your point with Precise, drect sentences.
Why: Leadership speaker Selena Rezvani explains that using clear language makes you appear articulate, which promotes confidence in what you’re saying!
Use an open, wide stance

Do: Keen your feet in line with 0 pee0t tnoolc:Letantdogweitthheyon ur Your hips and shoulders, about 30cm apartĀ  outward.
Why: Body language experts suggest that confident people have two feet planted firmly on the ground, which balances them physically and exudes confidence.’
Offer a strong handshake

Do: Give a firm shake for between two to five seconds.
Why: Body language expert agree that giving a firm, but not overpowering, handshake help you appear more selbassured.s

From keeping a straight posture and using open gestures to controlling the pitch and volume of your voice, making small changes to your body language and tone can help to banish those nerves. You won’t just look and sound more confident, you’ll be more confident. So go ahead and nail that presentation or meeting!

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