The Biggest Security Breaches in 2018

Timeline for Privacy and Cybersecurity Breaches in 2018

Exposed data of 240,000 employees including their Social Security numbers, date of births, positions, grades, & duty stations.

15 JAN
2 major vulnerabilities exposed in microprocessors that isolate sensitive data in memory including Passwords, Logging History, Personal Information etc.

07 MAR
500,000 computers infected within 12 hours with a malware that hijacks devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

20 MAR
Cambridge Analytica harvested 50 Million profiles without their consent to help Donald Trump in Presidential campaign.


29 MAR

150 Million users’ data breached on its food and nutrition application, ‘MyFitnessPal’, exposing information such as Usernames, Email Addresses, & Passwords.

10 APR

Prosox and Kuroi’sh hacked dozens I of YouTube celebrity channels and deleted most-viewed songs. Dozens of artists were affected i.e. Shakira, Luis, Fonsi, Drake, etc. Source: Independent Despacito: Most watched YouTube vldeo ever ‘deleted in apparent hack.

DDoS attacks grew five-fold than the previous year (2017). It exploits vulnerabilities in DNS, NTP, SSDP, etc. Record number of devices affected.

05 SEP
Around 380,000 card payment on its website and apps were compromised during a 15-day data breach. Alex Cruz pledged to compensate any customer who suffers financial hardship.

28 SEP
Attackers exploited a feature in Facebook’s code to gain data of 50M users. Attackers could see everything on victim’s profile. Facebook then automatically logged out 90M users.
Source: WIRED – Everything We Know About Facebook’s Massive Security Breach.
50 Million People

08 OCT
83% of Wi-Fi routers in US homes had firmware flaws and security holes. It compromises personal information leading to theft or fraud.

03 DEC

Personal information of 500M people were exposed including Names, Address, Passport Numbers, etc. The data breach involved Marriott acquiring Starwood Hotels and its guest reservation database. Source: Forbes – Marriott Breach Exposes Far More Than Just Data.

04 DEC
Malicious third party attackers gained access to Ouora’s system and stole account data of 500M users.
Source: PCWorld Ouora data breach FAO: what, million hacked users need to know.

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